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Multi-Family Clubhouse Design 

Tom Bush Architect located in Orlando, FL provides architectural services: planning, design, construction documentation, permitting and contract administration. We are registered architect in Florida, GA, AL, NC and SC.

Multi-Family Catastrophic Restoration and Repair

Expert Restoration Architects:
Our knowledge of the multi-family restoration service project has been gained through hands on project experience. With 15 years of multi-family fire damage restoration service specific project practice, we have the qualifications you need to complete your project. We don't just understand the building's systems from the exterior but from the inside out, from structural strapping to specific fire rated wall penetrations, fire suppression systems, code compliance, fair housing, and ADA accessibility.

Multi-Family Renovation

Expanding our multi-family services to include new apartment and replacement buildings was a natural progression in the evolution of our practice.  With over 18 years of multi-family experience our knowledge of building construction and our attention to detailed documents sets us apart.​

New Multi-Family 

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